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Supra Flap

Parlok Supra™ spray suppression mudflap is made of High density polyethylene PE-HD. It can be delivered integrated into a Mudguard or separately, since it can easily be installed afterwards. If Supra mudflap requires shortening, it can be done by cutting in full 100 mm sections.

Item no.BB1B2L1L2
5068405405 - 430405370400820
5068455450 - 455450420400820
5068480480 - 500480445300720
5068595595 - 630600560400720
5068650650 - 680650615400820

+ Made from High Density Polyethylene HDPE that ensures excellent temperature and chemical resistance

+ Available with suitable sizes for all commercial vehicle tire dimensions

+ Logo printing on request

+ Flexible, light in weight, has a self-cleaning construction

+ Effective water spray suppression – reduces 80% of the water spray thrown up by tires and returns it to the road surface

+ Easy fitting for existing mudguards with bolt or rivet joint