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Spat + Valance Supra

Parlok provides a wide range of Spat mudguards, suitable for various needs. The size and shape of each device is specially planned to cover all needs of light and cost effective assembly. The devices are easily adjusted according to individual needs.

Parlok Spat is the most inexpensive mudguard device and it is suitable to use together with Spat Supra™ + Valance construction.

Item no.BLHFA

+ Made from High Density Polyethylene PE-HD that ensures excellent temperature and chemical resistance

+ Available with suitable sizes for all commercial vehicle tire dimensions

+ Logo printing on request

+ Flexible, light in weight, has a self-cleaning construction

+ Effective water spray suppression – reduces 80% of the water spray thrown up by tires and returns it to the road surface

+ Easy fitting for existing mudguards with bolt or rivet joint