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MR adjustable plastic bracket

Parlok launches a new innovation of plastic bracketry.
The new MR bracket is made of strong fibre-reinforced plastic material highly durable in all road conditions (PA).

+ Range of adjustment 150 mm
+ Distance between mounting holes 305 mm
+ MR42 suitable for Ø42, with inserts for Ø40, Ø38, Ø34 mm support tubes
+ MR50 suitable for Ø50, with inserts for Ø48, Ø46, Ø44 mm support tubes
+ Latest innovation and modern, aerodynamical design
+ Easy to adjust
+ Stable and firm
+ Easy to slide on stays
+ Easy to open, new innovation of hinge
+ On request available with inox screws
+ Doesn't rust and resistant against chemicals



Item no.ProductAdjustment rangeLengthTube ØFor mudguard r
5039705MR 5015030550500-700
5039705+5039640MR 4815030548500-700
5039705+5039638MR 4615030546500-700
5039705+5039634MR 4415030544500-700
5039700MR 4215030542500-700
5039700+5039640MR 4015030540500-700
5039700+5039638MR 3815030538500-700
5039700+5039634MR 3415030534500-700