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OFF-RD Custom mudguards

Parlok OFF-RD™ Custom Mudguards are available to all manufacturers of agricultural and industrial vehicles. They can be customer’s own design or they can be designed by Parlok engineering and are made in our efficient thermoforming process. Due to the type of manufacturing process the investment cost is relatively low and especially suitable for yearly volumes between 500 to 10.000 pieces. Thanks to our experience of manufacturing millions of mudguards we are able to guarantee a tough-made, purpose-built mudguard in the form you wish to have.


+ Size up to appr. 950 x 1950 x 600 mm

+ Made of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) with usage temperature -50°C - +80°C

+ 4 mm material gives outstanding resistance against wear and tear in extremely demanding conditions 

+ Excellent chemical resistance

+ Stylish whole black appearance with Parlok carbon-look surface

+ Wide range of customer-specific solutions in length, width, radius, drilling and shape

+ Long life cycle and 100% recyclable

+ 45 mm side height for easy installation and more clearance from the tyre


>> OFF-RD Small radius

>> OFF-RD Large radius