Parlok™ is a company manufacturing plastic products. Our main products, which enhance road safety, are mudguards, spray-suppression systems and toolboxes for commercial vehicles. The products are mostly made of extremely strong and durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and produced on our highly efficient, self-developed production lines. Parlok operates on worldwide market through an extensive distribution network.

Founded in 1959, the company is one of the market leaders in its field.


Our products are certified and represent outstanding quality. They are made of strong HDPE plastic, so they are extremely wear-resistant. In addition to quality, durability and safety, we focus strongly on environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Our operations fulfill the strict requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards. We also continuously develop our operations in order to meet the demands of customers and the environment even better.


Our aim is to establish long-term customer relationships based on a high degree of customer satisfaction. In addition to our broad standard product range, we customise products according to customers’ preferences. We have a global cooperation network, and customers are always served by a country-specific distributor.


We have joined the voluntary Agreement on Energy Efficiency, with the object to incorporate into Parlok management systems the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy resources.

In addition Parlok is taking care of the recycling of the packaging it has placed on the market in accordance with the EU directive and the Waste Act and Council of State decisions and decrees.


Located in one of the most beautiful places on the globe, Parlok recognises its responsibility for the environment both internally and at the site of customers by optimising its energy consumption and the recycling and disposal of material and packaging according to laws and international agreements. Parlok develops and manufactures its products from raw materials that are safe to soil, water and air.


Through continuous training, cooperation, review and development of manufacturing methods, conditions are created for the improvement of the quality. The quality of the products must at all times meet the requirements set by customers and authorities.