Steering Axle Mudguard F150

Parlok WL steering axle mudguards for the need of large span length. Available in a range wide range of length and width covering all common wheel sizes on steering axle. See also:

WL Steering Axle Mudguard F400

Steering Axle Supra F150

Item no.BLRSHProduct TypeF
512156767023006701490670Steering Axle Mudguard 670150
512155555018505501250530Steering Axle Mudguard 550150
512154848019505801310580Steering Axle Mudguard 480150
512154343020506501450580Steering Axle Mudguard 430150

Recyclable raw material HDPE (high-density polyethylene)

Large range of usage temperature from -50°C to +80°C 

Good chemical resistance

Very light weight

Easy to install

Integrated spray-suppression available

Can be pre-fitted with brackets for easy installation

Large selection of different sizes

High impact resistance

Attractive design